Rising Phoenix Integrative Wellness

A holistic healing process embodying the whole self, with Amanda Leone.

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Personal Growth & Self-discovery
IFS inspired whole self integration

Using a ‘parts-work’ approach to whole self integration, you will be invited on a self discovery journey to deepen your awareness of inner child wounds, and give your internal world the opportunity to evolve from old patterns of behavior and limiting beliefs. Through your own self love and leadership you can transform your life by unburdening and healing wounded parts to resurrect your authentic self; living life with purpose and connection.
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Equine Assisted Coaching
A unique experiential approach to engage

An empowering and unique experiential approach to engage in deep self-reflection and awareness; helping you to learn more about how your thoughts and reactions impact your daily life. Gaining a deeper understanding of the roots of your struggles can restore and revive your sense of hope, purpose, self leadership, and joy.
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Nurturing resilience in nature

A nature-based integrated way of healing with emotional and cognitive changes. It also has added benefits of grounding techniques, and moments of awakening provide excellent groundwork for attunement, developing insight, rediscovering creativity, intuition, & processing both during and after sessions. Become rooted in nature while deepening the self-lead connection, and finally feel more balanced to live fully.
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Intuitive Wellness
Embodied enery healing & spiritual guidance

Replenish and nurture your wellbeing by restoring balance to the mind, body, and soul through intuitive readings, energy work, crystal healing, and daily rituals.
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Amanda Leone


Founder & Holistic Wellness Practitioner

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