RPI Wellness embraces the philosophy of Ecotherapy; the practice of being in nature to boost growth and healing. Through experiential experiences you will be guided to reconnect to nature and encouraged to explore and uncover new solutions to long-standing roadblocks to issues. We do not use nature as a substitute for traditional mental health counseling. Instead, offer opportunities like hiking and outdoor meditations in greenspaces and time outdoors to supplement standard therapies.

Photo of the woods

Being outdoors in nature can help cultivate mindfulness and increase moments of gratitude. The essential “peace and quiet” of being outdoors helps clear the mind, create a space for self care, reduces anger, fear, and stress while increasing moments of pleasant feelings, like joy and peace.

Recent research supports the notion that time spent in nature is connected with a positive mood, a sense of meaningfulness, and vitality. Nature has positive benefits for the mind, body, and soul.

Natural settings allow us to turn down the “fight or flight” instinct and organically restore positive states of being. Through this experiential form of coaching, you will be invited to challenge limiting beliefs, deepen your awareness of your inner world, and feel a full meaningfulness of life.

Ecotherapy is a nature-based integrated way of healing with emotional and cognitive changes. It also has added benefits to our working memory, cognitive function, and executive functioning skills.