Intuitive Wellness

Working in nature, connecting to horses, and earthy crystals can bring a grounding, calming energy that can help you feel safe in your body and in your environment. A lot of us have trouble staying grounded and being in our bodies remembering the mind, body, and soul is all connected. When we are often at a crossroads in life or feeling disconnected from moving forward in some area, it can be hard to know what the next steps are.That's when intuitive readings and energy healing can help provide direction and releases. Integrative wellness embodies the following:

Inuitive Readings

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When we are often at a crossroads in life or trying to move forward in some area, it can be hard to know what the next steps are. That's when people come to me for inquisitive readings. And if you're wondering whether I'm reading your mind, don't worry that's not how this works. I can't tune into your angels without your permission, and they only tell me the key messages through my cards.

Unlike tarot cards they don't predict the future, and reflect what's going on in a client's life, especially the things they haven't fully accepted themselves yet, but still give people licence to make their own decisions. Nothing is set in stone, and the future is something you create yourself, which is very empowering. When I ask for angel guidance, it comes to me via intuitive feelings (often loosely called gut instinct), voices or visuals, which typically consist of symbols.

These readings allow you to evaluate where you are coming from and the paths laid out in front of you. When we consider all of the opportunities available it can get overwhelming, and often distracts us from our own intuition and messages because of all the outside noise. This reading is designed to look at each path in front of you as well as listen to messages being sent from your angels and spirit guides.

Angel card readings aren't for everyone — but for those with open minds and a willingness to grow, they can be a hugely beneficial tool for personal development.

Energy Healing & Intuitive Readings Combined

This is a combination of an intuitive reading and energy healing that has been specially designed to help you deepen your healing. This reading combines the potent energetic movement to clear anything that might be making you feel constrained or stuck and the angel cards will give you clarity on a path forward out of the obstacle. The messages received will help clarify how to find the support you need to continue to move forward, and grow. Usui Reiki works to heal trauma, anxiety, and physical ailments from this lifetime. Together this session will help you move through limiting beliefs and self-imposed limitations and can help remove barriers; thus reviving balance, peace, and love to your mind, body, and soul.

Energy Healing

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Energy is healing is based on the essence of understanding human energy and the unique relationships it has to our physical,emotional, and spiritual well-being. Our brain and nervous system communicate with our entire body through complex energetic pathways. Everyone can benefit from energy work.

Whether you have experienced trauma, suffer from depression, or experiencing physical discomfort the intergration of energy healing and coaching not only helps the mind heal but enables the release blockages caused by trapped traumas and trapped emotions. This work aids you in reversing the dysfunction holistically through your body's natural ability to heal itself; restoring balance, inner peace and harmony to your mind, body, and spirit.

Energy healing is supportive for clients in phases of traditional medical care and treatment. Energy healing can be an effective treatment for: